Young Spirit


Thursday has become to many social media users including myself the day where we go back to those moments in our lives that we will never forget via the famous hashtag #throwbackthursday. This Thursday my mind couldn’t take me to a define moment in my past, but rather a period in my life that I hold very dearly to my heart; my childhood.


I remember younger, l was such a carefree and lighthearted person. I lived each day like there was no tomorrow. I appreciated every moment and enjoyed it to the fullest. I never doubted myself and made decisions with such an ease. I was following my heart and it led me to unforgettable adventures that I am always going to be grateful for.


When you grow up, you have more responsibilities. You get so focused on your goals and on your future. You are constantly chasing after life that you forget about living the present moment. You get caught up in your busy schedule and enjoying each moment to the fullest is not in your priorities anymore.


Today was a reminder to get back to our younger easy-going spirit to make life a pleasant journey. Do what you really love today and enjoy it like it is your last time. You must focus on your long term goals for you to reach them, but never forget about enjoying yourself on your way there. The journey is as important as the destination. Have fun and let your young spirit revive once in a while!


Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm

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