Why Brands Need to Know That Micro Influencers Are the Best Marketing Strategy


As I’ve been submerged in the blogging industry / the Instagram influencers space for almost 2 years already, I have acquired great knowledge about the recent marketing strategies and business notions in general. Knowing that my educational background in health sciences is at the other side of the spectrum, I found a deep interest in this field and I’m constantly learning so much from all the experience I’m acquiring as I’m slowly building my blogging career.

Now, I’m far from claiming to be a marketing expert, however with the little, but significant knowledge I have acquired these past couple of years, I can already tell you one sure thing: Micro influencers are one of the best marketing strategies for new businesses and I can literally put all my money on it. 

Lately, I’ve been noticing quite a lot of brands who seem to want to collaborate exclusively with influencers that have a massive following and are convinced that it’s the only way to boost their visibility and highly increase their number of sales. Even though I agree with the fact that ”bigger followings” can definitely reach more people, I have to say that it’s not always just a matter of quantity, but also a matter of quality.

Brands are blindsided by the number of followers of these massively famous Influencers. They don’t seem to open their eyes to this new way of reaching a higher potentiel of loyal customers by collaborating with micro influencers. The ”smaller followings” usually consist of a grounded supportive community that falls into a specific niche which allows the reach of a targeted audience. From a brand’s perspective, I see a huge advantage in reaching, for instance, a thousand people that align tightly to the demographics of the market, thus connecting to a real potentiel and valuable clientele. On the other hand, reaching a hundred times that number of people will definitely allow great instant visibility, but won’t guarantee a targeted audience most likely to be interested in the offered product/service.

Another important fact that brands have left out is that usually micro influencers work not only at less amounts of compensations, but often times are committed to put in the work to create valuable and engaging content. Most of them are fully dedicated, because they profoundly believe in their own brand and most importantly because they never want to disappoint their faithful and supportive community. Therefore, when you’re a brand who’s working with a serious micro influencer not only are you getting high quality promotional content, but you’re also saving up on quite a lot of money that could be used towards more targeted marketing strategies such as investing in even more collabs with other serious micro influencers. That’s a substantial key strategy to your business right there!

Just like most bloggers and content creators, I myself feel truly grateful that my line of work can fulfill a true passion of mine and it always seems unwise to me when a brand underestimates the opportunity of working with micro influencers. Between you and me, I think their marketing strategy needs to be revised as they just missed out on one of the most efficient way to grow a business nowadays, am I right?

Sincerely, Enn logo

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with you, especially since a lot of big Influencers engagement comes from other influencers who are not truly interested in the promoted products

    1. I’m glad you agree! And you’re adding such a great point to the discussion! Thanks for reading 💕💕

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