We Are Our Choices


8 a.m. My phone starts ringing. Hardly opened my eyes and turned off my alarm. After snoozing a couple more times wishing to save up on few more minutes of sleep, I woke up.  Headed for my usual morning routine and quickly ate breakfast. A homemade cappuccino, 2 eggs, a toast & I was out of the door ready for my morning jog. Came back, went for a quick shower and threw on a casual outfit that said I got my ish together, but today I’ll keep it on the low. Caught up on some work with few… okay, many breaks… Hey, what can I say? It’s hard to stay away from all the online distractions especially when you kinda work on the internet.


11:45 a.m. Fast forward to noon, I met up with some friends at a cool Portuguese restaurant. In between bites, we would strike up some inside jokes and have a good laugh. With too many things to talk about and not enough time on the clock, here I was, already running late for my next class.


1 p.m. Arrived to class and subtly took a seat in the back of the classroom. Started to take some notes on my laptop trying to catch up on all the important information the professor was saying.  After a while, I lost focus. My thoughts randomly took me elsewhere  and there I was back to what the professor was actually explaining. Back and forth. And forth. A mix of endless thinking took over my brain. Attempted many times to remain attentive. Still no luck.


3 p.m. Class was over. Headed home.  The plan was –  take a snack, open the gram, post a pic, scroll down the feed, maybe take a look at other socials, then continue studying where I left off the last time.  As I got tired of the view of my plain white walls, I left the apartment for a visually more aesthetically pleasing and more motivating space a.k.a. the cute coffee shop 5 minutes away from where I live. Ordered my usual drink and back to work.


7 p.m. On my way back home, I saw an old acquaintance. After the usual ‘’Hi, I’m doing good thanks and you?” convo, got back home. Made myself some dinner – on the menu chicken and rice. Started working on the blog and editing some pics.


1 a.m. Already? Well, time for the usual night routine and direction – cozy bed. Sweet dreams.


Bref… Every morning you choose to wake up. You choose what to eat for breakfast, what you’re going to wear. You choose to go to work or to school or maybe stay in because you have to watch your kids that day. You choose to answer emails, call back your mom who left you a message the day before, or just sleep in all morning, because last night was lit and now you’re still very exhausted. And every time, you have the ability to make a different choice and to take a different step in another direction. You might think what difference will it make in your existence to decide to eat cereal or eggs in the morning. Well it probably won’t. At least not on that particular moment. It’s the compilation of all your decisions, all together, that is going to dictate on the long run how your life will be shaped. How your mind will think and who you will be as a person. One decision at a time, we create ourselves and our destiny.


Photography  by NHB

The mistake is to underestimate the power of the choices we make, take it for granted. And at the end of the day, blame the rest of the world for not living the life of our dreams. In reality, we are the only ones accountable for the life we choose to live. We are all in control of our lives, no matter what struggles we have to face. We can start by choosing to think differently, to take action and to go towards a better and greater fate. It all starts with a choice.  We are our choices.

Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm

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