Summer Fashion Guide: Slay the Heatwave



Don’t get me wrong summer is a lot of fun: from Sunday brunches with your squad, night outings to the city and exciting holiday gateways, no one is ready for the temperatures to go down just yet.

But as much as we all love to enjoy the shining sun, our inner fashionista cringes every time a heatwave is about to start. But don’t you worry ,you’ve come to the right place! Here’s my summer fashion guide to slay that heatwave coming your way.


Light fabrics for the win. Wear light fabric pieces made of natural fibers  such as cotton and linen. It’s the way to go to stay breezy as it lets air flow through the fabric.

Go loose or go home. This season stick to looser fitting pieces such as flowy tops, culottes and wider leg trousers & jeans.  Embracing the looser structure will keep you on trend without breaking a sweat!


All about shades. Retro, Cat eye, aviator… the choice is endless! Put on your shades, bring out your cool summer straw hats and you’re ready to beat the heat while keeping it cool.

Light up your style. Keep your clothing colour palette on neutrals and pastels as they  tend to absorb less the heat than darker tones. Plus, you’ll be looking effortlessly chic all season long!


Let’s not compromise on style this season and  make smarter fashion choices to beat that summer heat while keeping cool & definitely stylish!

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