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Nature is the greatest masterpiece that have ever existed. But, that’s an understatement. Each element lives in harmony with the other creating the perfect scenery of life and prosperity. I could almost be envious of such peace. Every line was drawn with brilliance of mind and every color was painted with tenderness of heart.

Just like when rain falls at the right moment, just before a crisis of dryness and like the sun peeks through exactly when the flowers are about to wither from their tears, nature is perfectly designed. Each single detail plays a deeper role than filling the stage décor behind our hectic lives.


Today is about remembering the hidden beauty of nature through its impressive impact in our lives. Nature is beautiful to the eyes, but it’s outstandingly majestic to the spirit. Blinded by the vibrant colors and the remarkable brushstrokes, we need to seek more answers to explain the refinery behind such a detailed scenery.

Therefore, I’m sharing with you two pieces of art created to honour the real beauty of nature in the many ways it wonderfully changes our lives. Voir Haircare is a Canadian brand that crafted a line of haircare essentials based on how nature finds its harmony and how it impacts us daily.


They sent me A Walk in the Sun which is a luxury hair oil that hydrates and brings shine to the hair replicating the effect of nature’s real delightful sunbeams. As I gently applied drops of this golden elixir onto my hair, I felt like I was instantly adding the real dazzling rays onto each strand. After few uses, I not only notice the new radiant shine of my hair, but also its enhanced hydration. Even on these last rainy days, my hair was receiving its well deserved sun glow. This hair oil is infused with natural oils from rosehip, avocado, and jojoba helping to nourish and fortify the hair.


I also received their hair masque and scalp detox called Rhythm of the Rain. It’s a cleansing cream that contains shea butter and argan oil and helps restoring scalp health and moisturizing hair. To test its full effect, I used it for a deep conditioning on towel-dried hair wrapped in a hot towel for 20 minutes. I then rinsed and dried my hair to see the results. After one use, my hair felt hydrated, soft and healthy. Especially on the tips of my hair where it was more damaged, my hair gained needed hydration. Just like the leaves that embellish nature’s infinite landscapes, my hair needed a dainty drizzle to regain its strength and softness.


These hair essentials are taking an important part in my hair care routine and reminded me how taking care of my hair just like nature takes care of its flora is truly essential. For a 15% off on any Voir Haircacre purchase you can use the promo code ENNSPORTFOLIO15 until July 26th. If you want to invest in high quality haircare essentials, I strongly recommend trying A Walk in the Sun & Rhythm of the Rain. As you use them, you’ll fall in love with every detail designed in nature’s splendid canvas and understand the reasons behind each paint stroke on top of giving your hair a healthy luxurious care.

Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm

Disclaimer: Thanks to Voir Haircare for sponsoring this post.

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