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Ready. Set. Go. There’s something about hearing those three words as I am starting a new workout sesh that gets me really hyped. Maybe it’s my strive of always wanting to surpass myself or my desperate need to let off steam after a stressful week, either way I know that once I hear these words I’m ready to give it my all.


Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to experience a new type of workout based on a one hour high intensity training, a concept developed by Studio Orangetheory Fitness . This workout program challenged me to keep my maximum heart rate at 84% or more during the training. A heart rate wristband kept my heart rate monitored and helped me to ensure achieving this optimum level of training intensity called the ”orange zone”. Reaching this targeted zone stimulates the metabolism and increases energy.



I was able to push my limits and reach this zone in a healthy stimulating environment including a dynamic group, a motivating trainer and an overall very animated ambiance. This new workout experience brought me a new way of efficiently training based on the theory of the afterburn effect which is the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, scientifically known as EPOC. Who knew there was a more fun and effective way of training than my usual basic workout routine?


I’m sharing this innovative concept I have just discovered to show how working out doesn’t need to feel like a burden to desperately achieve today’s standards of the perfect body, but rather a way to feel better, healthier and more energized. Working out to me is my way of expressing my energy, finding motivation and building my confidence. It’s about being healthy from the inside and it will eventually radiate on the outside. I find it very inspiring seeing people driven by their ambition of working out consistently to reach a healthier state of being.


Photography by NHB

So, let’s not get fooled by the way society dictates how we are suppose to look like. It’s time for an update of today’s system as we are embarking in this new era of self acceptance and body empowerment or should I say health empowerment. The urge of being beach ready this summer can wait while I’d rather focus on my well-being and my happiness.

Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm

P.s.: A special thanks to Studio Orangetheory Fitness Rosemère for letting me experience the ”orange effect”.

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