More Than Labels


The society we live in forces us to define everything around us with a certain terminology which makes communication easier. Everything we know has to fit into specific categories to create order and structure. Living in an organized system makes our lifestyle more coherent and logical, but like anything in life, that aim to give everything a label has its boundaries. It’s one thing to try to make a certain object fit into a box for communication and order purposes. However, forcing people to correspond to a certain classification is incomparable. Humans are complicated beings. We have feelings, opinions and through our entire life we are discovering ourselves as we grow and change. Everything about us is likely to change or at least evolve. We are not definable by the labels society has created for us, neither can we fit in the few common boxes. Every individual is a complex entity shaped out of every possible detail that makes who they truly are. We are a combination of things we love, our choices, our passions, our purposes, our skills, our goals and our opinions, and those combinations are unlimited. For every 7 billion of us there is a different equation. Who we are cannot fit in only one restaurant menu. It takes more than few labels to draw the fascinating portrait of our being. The real beauty of mankind lays in the diversity that shines vividly in front of our dazzled eyes.

Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm





IMG_0392_Fotor blur 2Photography by NHB

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