Mental Detox to Start the Week Right


After a lazy Sunday spent mostly on your couch and catching up on all the episodes you missed from your favorite Netflix series, Monday wakes you up at 7.a.m against your will with a pile of emails to get to and unfinished work to catch up on.  No matter how many times you try the snooze button to skip the day, the alarm won’t stop ringing until your two feet are out of bed ready for a week of long checklists and meeting deadlines.


As you’re mentally trying to prepare yourself for the week to come while sipping a cup of coffee for your daily dose of motivation, you suddenly get all anxious and overwhelmed by all the work that is impatiently waiting for you to focus on. But please don’t get ahead of yourself so quickly without taking the time to indulge in a well needed mental detox to start the week with a healthy state of mind. Put your phone and other distractions aside and bring yourself to the comfiest space in your home, it’s time to disconnect.


Step 1. Close your eyes. Breathe consciously & relax.

Step 2. Slowly let go of the negative energy. Let go of the stress, the anger, the fear and all those emotions that make you feel tense.

Step 3. Clear your head. Stop overthinking and unplug from the physical world to focus on your state of mind.

Step 4. Find your inner peace and hold on to it.

Step 5. Keep a balance between your mind, body and soul. Feel in control. Be in control.

Step 6. Welcome positive thoughts. Uplift your mood by recognizing your strengths.

Step 7. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Be aware of yourself and your surrounding. Be grateful and appreciative.

Step 8. Envision your weekly goals.

Step 9. Drink a glass of water.

Final step. Feel ready and empowered.


Photography by NHB

If you made it all the way through the last step than you’re finally ready to make the best out of anything coming your way this week feeling serene, confident & strong. Be so full of light that nothing can bother your inner state of mind.

Sincerely, Ennscreen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm

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