March Forward: How to Actually Empower Women Every Day

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As the month of March is slowly drawing to an end, the #WomenEmpowerment posts are less and less present on social media which goes to show that Women’s History Month needs to be more than a one time of the year media hit. Although I’d like to recognize all the positive impact behind it, I’m a strong believer that celebrating women and highlighting their contribution how ever small or big it is should be a daily focus. I came to the realization that everyday should be March and everyday should be a new opportunity to celebrate and support the women around us.

Throughout the month, we’ve been talking about women empowerment by ”tagging” and ”hashtagging” without really knowing how to empower women in our daily lives. Yes, we did celebrate women through the screens of our phones and yes, it was impactful. Now, how about the women that surround us, the women that we see everyday but never really dare to praise. Time to forget about social media for a minute, and teach ourselves the real empowering ways to positively impact another woman’s life.


Stop comparing and accept

Every single one of us is different and we all live our own experiences. Comparing one another is irrelevant when we all have different stories and all come from different backgrounds. It only drags us down when we can’t move past the comparisons we make among each other. The smallest act to empower the woman next to you can be as simple as letting go of these negative comparisons to accept and recognize how unique she is.


Show up

Sometimes just being there for another can mean the biggest support. When we show up for the women we want to support, we are empowering them and letting them know that we’re here no matter what. We’re here to applause for each achievements and we’re here to offer a hand for each hardship.

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Strive to set an example

As women, we all look up to other female personalities that inspire us and motivate us to achieve greater. Nonetheless, we also have to keep in mind that younger girls around us might be looking up to us when we are not paying attention. Therefore, just like we all have our female mentors, we have to try to be that example for the younger generation. In the end, although only one little girl truly relates to our story and look up to us, we should strive to be a good example for her.


Show support

We can empower women who surround us by showing that we support their projects and their aspirations. It can be as little as simply letting them know or perhaps offering to help along the way. If she’s a writer, you can read her books; if she runs a business, you can try her products and if she’s an athlete, you can go to her practices. Whatever she does, there’s no right or wrong way to show support as long as it’s genuine.  It can be one of the most empowering ways to celebrate women.


Which ever way we choose to empower women, at the end of the day, what really matters is that we chose to do it. We chose to let go of our ego and our self-centered ways to shift our attention towards another woman to give her our full support. I truly believe that when women empower women, beautiful things can happen and I can’t wait to see it unravel in front of my bare eyes further than on our social media screens.


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I would love to know your ways of empowering women everyday on the comment section below to #MarchForward to female empowerment.

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