Keeping up with the Fast Paced Life


In today’s society where everything is so fast paced, most of us are running after success to get our bigger share of the pie and afford a comfortable life where we can indulge on the latest luxury once in a while without getting into debt. We all are striving to get the best internships, have successful careers, get great salaries, experience the wildest trips and get our hands on the latest trends. While I see nothing wrong with the desire to work hard to build a wealthy life for oneself, we have to admit that our pursuit for money and success can become a little obsessive and get in the way of what truly matters in life.


As we’re too busy chasing for bigger pay checks whether by committing to longer hours at work or enrolling into certain academic programs only because of the ”economic security” that it offers, there’s barely time left to invest in the real things that matter. Since everything moves so fast, trends coming and leaving, new apps on the market each second and technology that constantly moulds our lifestyle, we can’t afford to be out of season in fear of not being up to date with society’s latest standards. Brands and trends managed to convince us that it was totally okay to spend a thousand dollars on a cell phone, or double that amount for a luxury handbag to join the ”Gucci gang” and foolishly ”flex on the gram” even if we haven’t payed back our student loans yet.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to plaid guilty in participating to such a fiasco and I’m not entirely roasting the system here, as I’d like to believe that everybody can do whatever feels right for them. I’m simply taking this opportunity to take a step back and question the system to reevaluate how society imposed upon us this fast paced lifestyle, chasing dollar signs in red bottom shoes. It’s important to take some time to understand our place in how today’s world functions to adjust our mindset with the core values we stand for and our life principles. At the end of the day, the life we choose to lead is a refection of the people we are. The challenge is to never lose sight of what make us true to ourselves in the chaotic society we help design and in which we strive to succeed.

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