How to Step up Your #OOTD Game



It’s in the simple details that style meets refinement. Here’s how to step up your #OOTD game to embody sophistication from head to toe.

1. Carry a lint roller in your bag. In case your clothes catch all the fuzz  from outside, you can always freshen up your look by passing your lint roller over them to make sure your outfit stays on point throughout the day.

2. Always keep with you wipes to dust off your shoes. Especially during winter, shoes can get easily dirty the minute you’re out the door, so always carry with you wipes to clean them up when you need to and keep your whole outfit looking refined and fresh.


3. Never leave the house without steaming your clothes.  Unless that’s the look you’re going for, in my book wrinkles are to be avoided which is why your steamer is your best friend when it comes to ensuring a polished look.

4. Use dry cleaning to preserve your most precious clothing pieces. It’s important to follow the cleaning instructions on the tag of your clothes to make sure they stay in good shape and if they require dry cleaning, you must do so to keep them looking as fabulous as the first time you bought them.

5. Complete your outfit with the right accessories. They are what truly make or break the whole look. Choose them wisely to create the best style. You can either go bold or minimalistic, either way the right accessories always bring your #OOTD game to the next level.


6. Roll up your sleeves. Sometimes what completely elevates your look can be as simple as rolling up your sleeves, so always keep that in mind if you want to upgrade your style.

7. Cuff your jeans. If your looking for a new way to wear your jeans, you can always cuff or double roll the bottoms and it instantly gives your outfit a different and more stylish flair.

8. Properly button your shirts. It sounds so simple, but makes the biggest difference from looking tacky to looking next level classy.


9. Tuck in the front of your top. It such an easy way to make your outfit look more sophisticated and stylish.

10. Invest in high quality jackets. This must be one of my key style strategy when it comes to making an outfit looking top notch. You would be wearing a simple white tee and blue jeans and the right high quality jacket will always make your outfit look more sharp and elegant.

Now, get ready to rock your outfits on the streets like it’s your own runaway.

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Photography by NHB

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