How to Live a Creative Life


The ability to create ourselves everyday in a new light bounds us all in an odd way as artists of our own lives and connects us to the beauty of living a creative life. Within everyone of us lies this artist who’s eager to come out to express their art in endless forms. We can all choose to release the artist within us to live everyday in hopes of fulfilling our creative impulse.


1. Dare to be different.

It takes courage to be creative and defy the ordinary. But once you’ve tasted the flavours of the unconventional, there’s no turning back.

2. Seek inspiration wherever you go.

Everything that you encounter in your life can be a source of inspiration for everything you do. Be mindful of your surrounding and the opportunities it holds from which new creative ideas can emanate.


3. Take a step back.

Unplug from the reality and try to look at things with a new perspective. When you take a step back, it gives you a chance to see everything in a different light.

4. Explore.

Don’t get comfortable in your routine. Every once in while dare yourself to dive into new experiences without fear of the unknown.


In the end, the choice to release your inner creativity is yours to make, will you dare to try?

Sincerely, Enn logo


Photography by NHB

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