How to Be a Badass


Okay, let’s dive right in. Being a badass is something some of us strive for, whether it’s something that comes to us naturally or not. Nowadays, its core definition can totally change from one person to another depending on their social influences and personal morals. Nonetheless, the main idea is that a badass does whatever they want whenever they want, and there is something quite admirable about that. As for me, whenever I encounter someone who’s completely liberated from social boundaries and exudes such confidence fearlessly, it feels so refreshing and truly inspiring. Blame it on my all time obsession with Lara Croft for feeling this way, or maybe just my alter ego who desperately needs to break the rules.

Now, as the new year has already kicked in and everybody’s still trying to keep up with those resolutions, why not ditch them already and focus about being a badass for the rest of the year. So today I’m coming at you with my ultimate guide to master the art of being a complete badass


1. Exist on your own terms.

It’s simple. Your life. Your rules. Don’t wait on nobody to tell you how to live and by which rules. You truly start living as a true badass once you realize that you are the only one who should  set your own limits and establish your personal code of living, based on your morals and principles, prompt to change and to evolve as you grow and learn from your experiences.


2. Be unapologetically you.

When you’re confident, completely content with who you are and don’t give a damn about people’s opinion of you, the next step is to be unapologetic about it. Only then will you measure up to your badass character. You should never have to apologize for being who you are in any given circumstances.


3. Question everything.

Nothing is ever set in stone and everything is questionable. When you ask the right questions, you start defying the system. The laws that have been set can always change, especially when they’re not quite right or fair. It’s up to you to pay attention and question them in the first place in order to make them right. At this point, you’re pushing the boundaries and taking nothing for granted, which eventually leads you in the right direction for self improvement and even human progress.


4. Stand up for what you believe is right.

When you find yourself in a situation where, to your sense, an injustice has been done towards you or someone else, call on your courage to stand up for what’s right. A badass never leaves without protesting and claiming their word towards such injustice or negative behaviour.  They don’t fear opposition, especially if it’s to straighten things out.


5. Overcome fear and take risks

To become the ultimate badass, you have to let go of fear and surpass it to achieve your goals. Faith and courage have to be greater than fear, and only then can you make anything possible and strive for greatness by taking risks and dauntlessly tackling all that comes your way. 


There’s nothing more badass than being who you are; so technically, most of us are halfway there. It takes just a little more pushing the boundaries and taking action to set ourselves for great success.


Photography by NHB

Now let me put my badass attitude on and become the Lara Croft of my life.

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