How I Manage Being a Full Time Undergrad and a Dedicated Fashion Blogger

3DCB93B8-2BE9-4890-875E-A974E1D3F24ALet’s be real here. As I’m constantly juggling between everyday classes and never ending study sessions that comes with the student life along with the consistent content creating and the regular social media presence which are absolutely necessary to any fashion blogging careers, it can be quite hard to manage it all and still make it out alive. Since I’m a strong believer that anything can be possible when you put your heart and soul in what you pursue, I have slowly learned ways to get it all done and still have time to watch some Netflix on a Saturday night or grab some lunch once in a while with friends after a morning class.

For the longest time, I’ve been struggling with managing my time as I often ended up postponing my work getting caught with everyday distractions. Plus, since I’ve never been that kind of person who would plan 6 weeks ahead, it was never in my nature to finish up a task weeks before the actual deadline. I mean props to those who have this amazing ability, but I’m just not that type of gal. I’m definitely more of a ”on the moment” kind of person and always like to follow what I feel like doing on the spot which you might already know from my 30 Facts About Me post. However, as I started my journey in the fashion blogging world while still trying to keep up with my full time uni schedule, I just had to find it in me to develop concrete and efficient strategies that would help me become that #bosslady I always aspired to be.

Make a schedule

First and foremost, you don’t need to be the best of planners to be organized. As much as I hated making plans too many weeks ahead, I had to quickly learn to make at least an outline of a plan/schedule that I would try to follow as much as possible to stay up to date with all my occupations. This schedule would organize all my daily activities such as my everyday classes, my study sessions, my photoshoots, my content creating periods, etc. In doing so, I can clearly visualize my daily grind and know exactly what needs to be done throughout the week.  Following consistently a precise schedule is always the main goal, but I always try to keep in mind that it’s okay to not be able to do it all and I would simply have to adjust the following week accordingly.

Make To-do lists

Apart from keeping a schedule, something that helps me substantially is making to-do lists. Sounds quite corny, but it has to be one of my best organizational tools. As I’m a very visual person, every day, I make a to-do list of every little task that needs to be done and seeing it written on a notepad not only motivates me to get it done, but simply makes me feel organized.

Make priorities

Another crucial tip is setting up priorities.  In order to keep up with every aspect of my life, I constantly rely on my list of priorities that always dictates whether I can grab a coffee with a friend, shoot some new pics for the gram or study for an upcoming midterm. It reminds me exactly what should be done first in order to accomplish the main priorities and what should be put on hold.

These are the simple ways I manage being a full time undergrad student and a dedicated fashion blogger while still feeling like a healthy & balanced person. It’s nothing revolutionary, I have to admit. It’s simply what happens when passion is combined to commitment to create the best of both worlds. (*Casually inserting a Hannah Montana reference, because she was low key my childhood #bosslady inspiration and I totally relate to her double life situation haha!) 

Since, I didn’t want to make this article any longer, I’m keeping some other tips and tricks that I’ve learned these last couple of years for a part 2. Let me know if this is something you would like to see in an upcoming post. See you soon.

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11 thoughts on “How I Manage Being a Full Time Undergrad and a Dedicated Fashion Blogger

  1. You seem more organized then me! Even if I plan ahead there is always something happening at work, with the kids, at home… It leaves me to adjust accordingly very often for the blog, which obviously can’t be my priority. So yes, your tips are more then welcome. 😋

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked my organizational tips! And I totally feel you, sometimes life just happens and we have to readjust our schedules to make it work 💕💕

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