For the Warm Blooded


The blood that runs through our veins is boiling hot. It fuels every inch of our bodies so vividly and makes us feel so alive. For every heartbeat, we can feel the heat spreading through our entire circulation in a split of a second. We can feel the flow reaching every part of us until the very last living cell. We can feel so much inside that even the smallest of sensations coming from the outside world can leave the most colossal scar on our vivid flesh.


The lightest breeze can brutally stamp its waves directly onto every parts of our skin exposed. A simple breath of air can load up in our lungs making them heavier to carry. The passing of a single sunbeam provides us with such a heat that it makes our inside boil. The tiniest rain drop soaks our entire flesh as we’re still trying not to drown from our own tears. We’re constantly having to absorb an overload of energy that our hearts have to learn to handle.


Our reality is that we feel too much of everything. We feel too deep and too hard for the world to handle. All we ever known is how to feel while the rest of the world lives in the blank cold. We’re warm blooded and it’s uncontrollable. As easy as it seems to feel nothing, feeling everything is a blessing. We offer the world exactly what it needs to start feeling a little more human, a little more alive. We are the fireball in the middle of the Arctic. We ignite from within and nothing can put out our fire. We don’t need to hide inside bunkers. We’re the explosion.

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  1. Oh my god, you are a BEAUTIFUL writer!! Your imagery reminds me of some of my poetry. The gorgeous photos were a nice touch as well! You have my follow 🙂

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