Beyond the Bounds


All we know lies between the walls of our mind set up by our collection of lived events. The limitations of the imaginable is pulled by the strands of the human experience. All we see, feel and touch in its most physical sense is exactly what our mind is capable of replicating in the most abstract of worlds. As similar as they might be, the difference between our physical reality and our mind perception is the degree at which we are committed and submissive to each. We live in a physical world where everything is built according to a mould of laws and structural dimensions and we are completely devoted to it. We can’t live in our thoughts, in our dreams the same way we live in the concrete reality where lies that feeling of resistance.


The physical perception constantly dictates our imagination. The challenge is to improve our mental agility by expanding our own personal experiences. The diversity of our life perspectives acquired throughout our existence is propitious to mind expansion. Constantly trying new things and living new experiences develop our abilities of thinking and creating. Only then can we truly conceptualize beyond what we already know and what already exists.  And when a simple association of ideas based on our personal reality extrapolates to innovation, we are unexpectedly capable of imagining the unimaginable.

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