At a Glance


For a second, I stumbled upon your golden eyes from the other side, and all of a sudden dived deep into your soul. We got lost in each other’s minds while our spirits intertwined and our hearts harmonized. There I was, innocently believing in the possibility of an us that would last beyond time even though we’ve never really met. In that instant, I knew your story and you knew mine to let our destinies align.

For a second our hearts collided in the most graceful and effortless way only to realize we were too many beautiful shattered pieces apart. As you’re full of grace, you lowered your gaze, so our eyes escaped, only, maybe, to meet again in a daydream reminiscing about a brief sweet memory.







787167DC-7857-49F7-9D8C-C3123964C8A1Photography by NHB

Sincerely, Ennscreen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm

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