Aiming the Skies

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And there I was falling from the sky once more only to learn how to fly again.

We’re made of hopes and dreams, but sometimes we fall out of them maybe from fear of reaching new heights or from allowing our mistakes to bring ourselves down. Whatever feather has been lost, we forget we have wings made out of bravery that are meant to fly us trough any storm. We bury them under our insecurities and our fears in intention to settle for the ordinary and to withdraw from our true calling. And just like that, we let ourselves fall from the clouds until we reach the grounds where they teach us how plain life is when you let yourself down.

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And one day, we start feeling those wings flailing again on our backs wanting to take us away. One flutter a time, we rediscover our love for freedom and our desire to defy gravity.  When we reach the clouds, they give us advice on how to float in the sky while the wind reminds us how to navigate through the hurricanes. And we learn, that it’s okay to fall sometimes when the winds are brisk and the storms are cold. But we were never meant to anchor our dreams underground, we were meant to fly back away every time we fall to draw brighter sceneries next to a sun that screams our name.

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