Enn 2.0

Hi, I’m Enn, a fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Montreal.

Welcome to my portfolio where I’ll be sharing with you my artistic vision. Enn’s Portfolio is my personal escape free of restraint and formality where I can surrender myself to the joy of creating and spreading an authentic message. Join me to an ongoing journey of artistic exploration through my passion for fashion and writing. From style inspiration, lifestyle advice and creative writing, Enn’s Portfolio is a platform that praises for women empowerment & self expression.

Coming from an educational background in health sciences, I’ve always had a deep passion for fashion and the art of expressing oneself in general. I needed an outlet where I was able to cultivate my creative side and find fulfillment by nourishing my true passions. Therefore, on July 2016, I officially launched my own blog which I consider to be my personal portfolio where I vow to share original content whether it’s through my personal style or my creative writing.

To me, creativity is limitless. ∞

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