7 Signs You Are a Fashion Freak


For the mundane world, fashion is just another popular practice created from society’s obsession with capitalism and narcissism. Though we can totally open up the debate of what fashion truly means, if the common misconceptions behind it triggers you, you know that fashion means more to you than just the superficial pieces of fabric that people usually think it is.  So, today, we’re revealing all the signs you might be a style obsessed fashion freak which explains why you take your sense of style very seriously.


Here are the 7 signs you are a total fashion freak!

1. You eat, sleep and breathe fashion.

2. You know the upcoming season trends before they actually arrive in stores.

3. Shopping is not a casual activity, it’s research.

4. You’re constantly thinking about new outfit ideas.

5. You not only dress to be clothed, you dress because it’s art.

6. You always stand out it in a room, because your outfits are always slaying.

7. You don’t follow fashion, you are fashion.


If you can find yourself in some of these signs, you know that your fashion and how you dress are a part of who you are, it’s your lifestyle. Every piece that you choose to wear can evoke a feeling, relive a memory or it can be a complete blank page to a new exciting story. The fashion freak is an artist and a storyteller on a daily who’s never afraid to state loud a clear their art through their apparel.

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