6 Summer Healthy Habits


Since summer is just around the corner and many of us will be on holiday to unplug from the daily workload, it’s essential to kick start the season with a positive mindset. As soon as the sun starts shining on those first summer days, mood suddenly gets happier, weather becomes warmer, music gets louder and nights feel longer. Summer mode now activated, it’s quite easy to get trapped in the vicious circle of laziness and carelessness to a point where we miss out on life and all those little quirky summer adventures. To keep you on track this season, here are 6 habits for a healthy lifestyle during summertime.


Stay Hydrated – Always keep around a water bottle to stay hydrated and maintain the functioning of your body system as the days can get very hot in the summer.

Vitamin D – And by that I mean the Sunshine vitamin. Seize this season to enjoy the weather and to stay active preferably outdoors. It can be as simple as going for a walk by the river to get a quick energy burst fix.

Sun Protection – As soon as the sun is out, make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns and prevent damage from long sun exposures.

Wake up early – Use the early hours in the morning to be proactive and to take care of yourself. Learn to listen to your body, to clear your mind and to envision your day. When waking up later in the morning, everything gets done in a hurry and there’s just not enough time to get settled for the day.

Colourful diet – Summertime is just about the right season to introduce healthier eating habits in your day to day life. A colourful diet includes ingredients rich in nutriments and energy intake. Introducing healthier and unprocessed food in your diet helps your metabolism benefiting your overall body functions. Homemade summer recipes are on the best ways to eat healthier while having a good time.

Open your mind – Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday and develop that instinct of curiosity that will keep you wanting to know more.


This season is an opportunity for all of us to try new things and make the most of our time bettering our mind, body and soul. Until then, you can find me strolling through the streets of Old Port daydreaming about my next summer gateway.

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Photography by NHB

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