5 Sunday Stress-Relievers


In my book, Sundays should be spent snuggling in bed all morning and enjoying the little things of life that make us happy without having to worry about anything else. Unfortunately, as they also come announcing the end of the weekend, the anxiety of Monday quickly kicks in leaving us feeling overwhelmed by the week that is yet to come. And because I’m a sucker for happy endings, let’s not end this weekend on such a bad note and fight back all this stress to make the most out of this #pjsallday day.

1. Sleeping in

Sunday morning is literally the only time you can allow yourself to be lazy and sleep in. Get those extra hours of sleep while you can and when you’re ready to get up, take it easy. Let yourself have a slow morning, snuggle in bed and just chill.

2. Home spa

Sometimes the best way to release all that stress you’ve been putting on yourself is to enjoy a relaxing self-made spa at the comfort of your own home. Set the right mood to enjoy this little stress-free moment and be selfish with your time, this moment is all yours.

3. Meditation

There’s no right or wrong way to practice it. Meditation is for everyone however you choose to do it. You can check out my meditation routine or simply stick to what you already know helps you relax and recharge. Just take some time to find your inner peace and reconnect with your state of mind.

4. Week Prep

A good way to destress is simply by envisioning your goals and planning your week ahead. When you can clearly visualize what is awaiting for you and you wisely plan it all out, you’re more likely to feel like you have everything under control and you’re ready to face anything that will be thrown at you.

5. Do what you enjoy

Take the time to make your soul happy by doing what you truly enjoy. If you’re an artist at heart, express your creativity in its wildest state. If you’re a gym fanatic, go ahead and let off steam. A great way to release all stress is to simply get busy doing the things you actually enjoy and fulfill your little passions that you’re constantly putting aside during the week.

This is the day we’re allowed to pause everything and focus on ourselves, so why spend it so negatively stressed about things we have no control on. Once we let ourselves shamelessly spend our day which ever way makes us feel good, we can truly feel all the worries fade away and let the serenity settle in.

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