5 Lessons I Learned from the Past


1. Never doubt yourself.

We all do it. It’s human. But the last couple of years, as I reached uni and decided to start my own little life projects (blog, work, etc.), I learned that trusting myself and believing in what I have to offer to the world is absolutely essential. We think we are always misjudged by everyone else, but in reality we are the first ones to judge ourselves and underestimate our strengths and capacities, therefore we always end up doubting ourselves. But, if you don’t believe in you, then who will?


2. Take your time.

Life is not a race, it’s a marathon. A marathon that tests your endurance and your ability to stay strong even when you think you’re on the verge of failing. Remember The Tortoise and the Hare from La Fontaine’s fables better known in French as the story of Le Lièvre et La Tortue des Fables de La Fontaine (For all the French speakers out there, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about 😉 ) , well guess who ended up wining after all?  The conceited and arrogant one who thought being fast was all it took or the persevering and tenacious one who never gave up even though being very slow. So, take your time in everything you do, you’ll do it better and greater. Plus, you’ll probably arrive first at the finish line anyway.


3. It’s okay to make mistakes.

I am not perfect and nobody is. We all make mistakes and it’s okay. It’s about learning to forgive yourself, learn the lessons and move on with a greater and stronger mindset.


4. You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sail.

You know it. Sometimes we end up in situations we didn’t choose and have absolutely no control on. The reality of life, is no matter where you end up being, you have to know how to lead your way to get what you want and what you deserve. At the end of day, you’ll just become stronger and wiser.


5. Do you, boo. Always.

Pretty simple, but never to be forgotten. My whole life philosophy summed up in 4 cheesy words, how crazy?


Photography  by NHB

Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm


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    1. Thank you so much dear! And indeed , I think it’s really important to understand that whatever life throws at us, we can always manage to take action in the direction we want to go and decide of our own fate 💕

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