5 Habits of a #BossLady


We all know her. She’s your mother, your sister, your best friend or maybe your #wcw, or perhaps all of the above. Whoever she is, she’s strong, fearless, ambitious and most importantly an inspiring role model. A Boss Lady is the woman we all aspire to be, so here’s the five habits she has that we should all start working on now.

IMG_13891. She keeps a positive mindset.

A Boss Lady always nourishes her mind with positivity. She’s in constant research of the things that make her see life more positively which explains why she’s open minded and always wants to try new things. Whatever struggles she has to face, she knows how to handle the situation, put aside the negativity and work it out. She knows that everything happens for a reason and sees the struggles she has to face as an opportunity to learn new lessons. Her positivity spreads throughout her family and friends which is why she becomes a good influence to everybody around her.

IMG_13842. She makes it happen.

Goal oriented, organized, focused and determined; she has it all to make it happen. She knows she’s the only one accountable for her success and works her butt off to achieve her daily goals. She’s always ahead of the game, but knows when to back off and reload.

IMG_13883. She’s authentic.

She embraces her differences and fully honors her identify whether it’s through her fashion sense, her way of thinking, her work… She’s not afraid to put herself out there, express who she is and share what she has to say. She’s bold, confident and totally content with who she is. She lives her life fearlessly staying true to herself and her values. She stays genuine and real with everybody whether it’s her best friend or the Uber driver she just met.

IMG_13864. She’s always working on herself.

A Boss Lady sure knows her strengths and embraces them, but she also recognizes her weaknesses. She’s very aware of the person she is and therefore works towards becoming a better version of herself everyday. She is not weakened by her flaws, but rather toughened by them. She understands that it is a question of balance between her strengths that will bring her forward, and the lessons she acquires as she works on her weaknessses.

IMG_13875. She makes any situation a win-win.

When you’re surrounded by a Boss Lady you know she’s going to make the most of any situation, so that it’s profitable to everyone involved. When she wins, she makes everyone around her win with her. She’s such a passionate and genuine person determined to spread good energy wherever she goes.


Want to be a #BossLady? Start by telling me down below who is your #BossLadyInspiration and what is one habit that she has that inspires you the most and pushes you to become a better person.


Photography  by NHB

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