30 Facts About Me


For my 30th blog post, here are 30 facts about me!

1. Tulips are my favorite flowers which explains why they became my emblem here on Enn’s Portfolio.

2. I actually started blogging as a school project back in 2013, but quit for a while and came back 3 years later creating Enn’s portfolio.

3. I’m practically almost late to everything.

4. I have a hard time deciding if chocolate cake or pizza is my one true love. Anyone having the same dilemma?


5. I could basically eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of my life.

6. I’m definitely not a morning person.

7. Instagram is  my favorite social media app. Duh!

8. I’m a one day in heels, the other day in sneakers kind of girl.


9. I’m a full time undergrad student. Yay for education! Nay for all-nighters and 8 a.m. classes …

10. Talking about 8 a.m classes… They honestly are my worst enemy. Sigh.

11. I’m a shopaholic on a budget! Aren’t we all?

12. I don’t like to make plans. I’m a “live in the moment” kind of person.


13. I love to eat! Don’t get me wrong, but I have to admit I’m a very picky eater.

14. I’m very picky in life in general.

15. I can speak sort of 4 languages, but only fluently in three!

16. I don’t like watching horror movies. Like at all.


17. I’m a shoe addict. #sorrynotsorry

18. Tim Horton’s Iced cap is definitely my all time favorite drink.

19. Although it’s kind of a tie with lemonade!

20. I love jogging. It helps me concentrate better.


21. I don’t like routine as it makes life too monotonous and I get bored very very easily.

22. If you eat French fries in front of me. Don’t ask why they’re gone when you went for a ketchup refill.

23. Younger, I played baseball in my neighbourhood’s all boys team.

24. I love artsy coffee mugs and notebooks. For some reason they make me so happy. Plus, they make the cutest flatlays, right?

25. Writing helps me put things into perspective and reflect about life.


26. Fall is my favourite season, mostly for the fashion and the sweater weather.

27. I cannot insist on how much I looooove road trips. Anyone up for a trip all the way down to Miami any time soon? In need of southern vitamin D asap.

28. I love living in the big city.

29. Fashion is to me not just about following trends, it’s about expressing my art through my apparel.

30. I can use any occasion as an excuse to dress up and eat cake, but I think you already guessed that one.


Photography by NHB

Let me know one random fact about you in the comments below to get to know each other!

Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm

11 thoughts on “30 Facts About Me

  1. Oh, we have a lot in commun you and I. I enjoy reading you. Here’s a difference between us though. I’m not a picky eater. In fact, I love trying new recipes and I’m not scared to eat exotic food. I once had crocodile, octopus, dandelion, ostrich, shark, snail, cactus warms, moose, dried insects… Name it, I probably have tried it or will.

  2. *WOW*

    I met you at FFF, loved how you dressed and spoke. Didn’t know that we have so much in common. I love cakes. I say there is no birthday without a cake. I also eat cake instead of breakfast lunch n dinner.
    I love road trips. I believe they make lasting memories. I love to dress up for all small and big occasions too. I’m glad that I met such an amazing person like you.

  3. Hi Enn, thank you for stopping-by my blogsite. It’s good to know you here and I am with you on #10. I’m glad I’m no longer a student😁. I love to draw and I am compuling a “book” of all my drawings i have entitled, “Memories of home.”

    1. Hey there!

      How lovely meeting you! Glad you feel the same way about #10 and that’s actually really cool that you love to draw, I’m sure you’re very talented at it. Thanks for passing by! XO

      – Enn

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