Reality Check


Sometimes you find yourself in a tricky position,

Letting life pass by, thinking you need a permission.


All this ambition, yet you let down everyone who believed in you,

Especially, that inner innocent voice who needed you to be their hero.


You ignored the cry for help and the screams of distress.

Lost in an island of insecurities tasting your own life’s bitterness.


But who am I to tell you what went wrong or blaming you for the things you’ve done.

Really, it’s more about the things you didn’t do and the chances you didn’t take.

Please don’t take this the wrong way or that would be just another silly mistake.


All I want to do is to tell you the truth.

Sometimes you have to swim against the tide,

to find the perfect wave to ride.


Photography by NHB

Sincerely, Enn screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-00-55-pm


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