Hopeless Romantic

Roses are red, violets are blue, can I binge watch Nicholas Sparks movies while eating a cookie or maybe two? Let’s drop the act and be honest here. Watching chick flicks while eating a tasty snack is definitely one of my despicable guilty pleasures. What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance and happy … More Hopeless Romantic


Long time no see. Missed me? Maybe not. But I’m back anyway. Got caught up in busy schedules and unfinished to-do lists. Managed to finally get some free time to swoop in and come catch up. Grab a tasty drink and get comfy. Time to chitchat. As the school year is finally over, at least … More Reloading…

Amor Omnia Vincit

Strong and fearless, I never hold back. Designed to be shared, I live selflessly. Worth fighting for, I confront with grace. Sweetness of soul, I taste zeal and passion. I am universal yet misunderstood. I am free of will but at great expense. I guide at best and mislead at worst. To human heart, I will … More Amor Omnia Vincit


The world is a messy place. They made us believe that we had to hide our true colors in order to fit in.  But all they did was to burry the true essence of humanity. And just like that, we faded in the shadow of ignorance thinking that we were worthless. They denied the greatness … More Enlightened

Wire Fence

Restricted. Bounded. Restrained. Hiding yourself behind a wire fence. Burying your fears, your exhaustion underground. Out of sight, but the sorrow is as heavy to carry. Where’s your strength, your courage, your passion? When you need them the most. You collapsed, drowned in your own sweats and tears. Breathing fear and crying agony as if … More Wire Fence

The Hearts Reign

It was a different kind of love A different kind of beautiful Selfless and undefinable A  fundamental pillar to our kingdom; When the day was young And the light was strong It bloomed the spring And heart was king When the day got old And the darkness rained Our candle of hope brought us warmth … More The Hearts Reign

The Minimalist

Someone once told me ”what is simple is beautiful”. This phrase stuck into my mind and brought me a whole new perception on what beauty truly means. I realized that beauty can be find in the simplest things of life; a sincere smile, a heartfelt memory, an enchanting scenery… Unfortunately, the more I opened my eyes, … More The Minimalist

In The Woods | Jord

The changing colors, the falling leaves and the breezy weather make autumn a memorable season. Fall is a breath of fresh air. It’s pleasantly new and welcomes us to a charming transitional time with the most beautiful sceneries. What better way to celebrate the season than to incorporate it into our daily style? Today’s post … More In The Woods | Jord

More Than Labels

The society we live in forces us to define everything around us with a certain terminology which makes communication easier. Everything we know has to fit into specific categories to create order and structure. Living in an organized system makes our lifestyle more coherent and logical, but like anything in life, that aim to give … More More Than Labels

Final Ray

The warmth of summer cuddles me for a while until the leaves start to fall. It flew like a dream. Endless it seemed, but slowly disappeared. I remember the road trips, the late nights in grocery stores, the bonfires and the many inside jokes.  We broke the rules and followed our hearts making each day … More Final Ray

Take a minute

11 Reasons why you should take a minute 1. To disconnect from the outside world; 2. To recharge with good energy; 3. To understand who you truly are; 4. To know where you stand; 5. To look from different perspectives; 6. To set your goals straight; 7. To redirect yourself; 8. To learn about what … More Take a minute

Stay Gold

Hello friends and hope you’ve been well! Today, I share with you one of my favorite poems written in 1923 by Robert Frost. It’s called ‘’Nature’s first gold is green’’. I’ll let you make your own interpretation of it and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do. Nature’s first green is gold, … More Stay Gold

The Seeker

The world is my oyster, and in mine lays a pearl. The world at large holds the most repulsive and distasteful, with the most enchanting and splendid. To find beauty is a chance to grasp on fortune. The luckiest ones will open an oyster with their bare hands and find the most beautiful of treasures. … More The Seeker

Young Spirit

Thursday has become to many social media users including myself the day where we go back to those moments in our lives that we will never forget via the famous hashtag #throwbackthursday. This Thursday my mind couldn’t take me to a define moment in my past, but rather a period in my life that I hold very dearly to … More Young Spirit

Two-Way Street

Home is more then just a place. Home is the people we love and the people who love us back no matter what. They accept us for who we truly are and they will be proud of us for every milestone accomplished. They will always be by our side in every step of the way … More Two-Way Street